Zhejiang best softening board Co., Ltd,    Happy new year to you all!
Through the joy of the year of pig, usher in the glory of the year of rat.Tell the happy time and listen to the new year's singing.Build the palace of career and …
The invention of the pencil
Pencil Austrian inventor Joseph Hartmut. He was February 20, 1752 was born, his father was a carpenter Austria Aspen Poen. Hartmut in Vienna (Vienna) learn the mason …
How to write a pencil
Pencil in our hands, is how to stay clear of writing it on paper?Pencil refill with graphite and clay mixed with water, but also by firing from very soft; the surface of
What color is the raw material of colored pencils
Color pencil is mixed with pigments or dyes and waxes and other manufactured into powder together. Even water color pencil off the paper wet, the color will not …

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